Test Cricket

in , by Kane, April 12, 2020
When you thought college was gonna be like rainbows and crazy parties and infinite fun,but you're shocked with what you saw.. you'll know what this means..

Little did I know
There was a test after the one-dayer
I needed my box
Helmets,pads ,emotional strength 
Gotta get them all out
'Cause I would play Test cricket 

Under the frying ,infernal,punishing sun
In a place tougher than Edgbaston for Australians
No non-striker mate,no not for me
Not for a bro fist,not for reviewing my shit

Crazy pitch,no strength in limbs
A New Balance bat,but can't hit anything
I am the first one in,the last one in,every place in between
Hey gal,ain't no one gonna bat for you !
The non-existent crowd screams!

Baby,no net practice is ever enough
For some games like these
Get hit in the head by Archer
On the toe by Boom
You can't walk out of this one
Not until you're done like Phil Hughes

But hey,the stands are not empty
Lucky me,no pandemic's gonna change this
It's not a Barmy Army
They're still singing,they just want some boundaries 
But help me Lord,I can't hear it
Still trying Maxwell's reverse sweep 
Which I know I can never hit

The bowler is ruthless,my nightmare
Pace,bounce,seam and swing
Wahab's yorkers and Rashid's spin
This psycho is giving me everything 

Freaking every ball's a jaffa
Ergo every over is a maiden
I am gutted and 
Heart broken like Kohli after history's saddest semi-final

My folks want me to play like New Zealand
But I am choking like South Africa
Some balls have hit me in the heart
You never saw me
But I cried in the dressing room,no one by my side

Now this shit,not new anymore
The sun can't be an excuse no more
This day is done and I am all alone
I am lost and my whole body's sore
I can't sleep and I am afraid to dream

But one of these days,I will come back okay
I will prove you wrong
First duck ,then hundreds like the new dude Labuschagne
Brace yourself,I'll be lit 
Just like my sweetheart Pat Cummins is.

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