Book: Dark Descent into Desire
Author: J.J Sorel
Summary: ‘Dark Descent into Desire’ is a romance novel about Penelope, an innocent talented artist, and Blake,  a complex mysterious billionaire. Can their love triumph when threats regarding his past arise?
Rating: 2.5/5
Publication Date: 26 Apr 2020

Penelope: “I’ve always used art as an escape, as an expression of my inner world while giving me a break from the real world”
Blake: “But isn’t your inner world a mirror of the real world, given that that’s all you’ve ever known?”

Penelope is an art student with an addict for a mother. She is kind, naive,  and self-conscious. She is a relatable character to most young women. She’s always late. Blake is a layered character with an endearing boyish appeal. They communicate without saying anything. The cover gave ‘The Vampire Diaries’ vibes. The red and black palette specifically. 

The best thing about this book is its unique diction and profound phrases. The transition statements between chapters described the setting adeptly and set the tone for the preceding sentences. The way the author conveyed Blake’s past details and his trauma, as well as the revenge subplot, is thoughtful. Steamy scenes felt unnecessary and did not tie into the plot. There was no tension between Penelope and Blake. This book is too typical and predictable. 

NOTE: Explicit content and mature themes are discussed in this book, recommended for readers older than 16. ARC is provided by the publisher and NetGalley. Thank you.
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