Book: How to Steal a Thief’s Heart(Happy Ever Regency Book 4)
Author: Bree Wolf
Summary:  ‘How to Steal a Thief’s Heart’ is about an unusual wallflower and a knight with a black mask. They see through each other’s facades. Pierce and Caroline do morally questionable things to help the less unfortunate. They become friends and aid one another while they long for more. But can they win in their love when threats arise?
Rating: 3/5
Publication: 25 Jun 2020

The story is engaging and has excellent pacing. Every sentence serves its purpose. The diction is appropriate for the setting but not to the extent that the reader can’t comprehend the text. Even though the entire book is written in the third person, the reader can easily empathize with the characters. The background characters were developed well. The twist regarding the villain is unexpected. The author conveyed life morals without deviating from the plot, that life is precious, looks can be deviant, and that the most important thing in a relationship is mutual respect for one another. 

The author included descriptions about the weather but there was no additional detail that suggested the story’s setting is historical.  Caroline and her subplot regarding her philanthropic work dominated Pierce’s masked endeavors. There could be more depth to his character. The climax felt rushed, Daphne’s and Caroline’s relationship felt incomplete. 

‘How to Steal a Thief’s Heart’ is one of the most entertaining books in the historical romance genre. 

ARC is provided by Dragonblade publishing and NetGalley. Thank you.
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