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Book: Starting Point(Doomsday Preppers 0.5)
Author: Elle Aycart
Summary: Starting Point is about Meg, a cancer patient who’s lost all hope in life and she runs into her childhood sweetheart Alec, an ex-military. They reconnect and gain a nice understanding of each other by crossing things off her bucket list. But will Meg’s sickness be the end of them?
Rating: 3/5
Publication Date: 16 Jun 2020

“You don’t abandon the people you love. You carry them when they can’t walk on their own two feet because they will carry you when your strength fails. You keep going and never give up. Ever. That’s what it means to be alive” -Alec to Meg

The best thing about ‘Starting Point’ is how atypical it is. Alec and Meg’s relationship is a testament to what every relationship must entail. They communicate well and don’t get bored with each other, at all. They are best friends who are in love with each other. Meg gave cheerful vibes despite her predicament. The author used different forms of humor which made the book stand out. After reading the summary of this novel readers would expect long melodramatic scenarios but that’s far from reality. The book has a rare setting, most of the background characters are doomsday preppers, people who always prepare for worst-case situations. The entire novel is hilarious.

‘Starting Point’ has a lot of references so it would not be as enjoyable to people who can't comprehend those as compared to those who can. Details about background characters and their stories would have added more depth to the story, like her best friend Jess. The steamy scenes are unconventional as well, but the author made it work. This book is recommended to readers who are in the mood for a casual rom-com. 

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