Book: The Waffle House on the Pier
Author: Tilly Tennant
Summary: ‘The Waffle House on the Pier’ is about a Sadie, a young woman who lives in Sea Salt Bay with her family and her uncertainties in life. Can she save the Waffle House and be with the love of her life?
Rating: 3/5
Publication Date: 25 Jun 2020

Sadie is a conflicting character. She is selfless, loving, and hardworking but she does not have clarity in life. She does find answers by the end. The author included a ton of detail about the background characters and that added to the book. They were all extremely relatable. Every sentence had a purpose. The author appealed to the five senses of the reader. Impressive setting. 

The reader does not get introduced to the romance subplot between Sadie and Luke until half of the story. The pacing was slow, especially in the beginning. Although the book picked up pace in the second half of the book, the details about Sadie’s family members and their stories were much more intriguing than her decisions regarding her love interests, Luke and Declan. Sadie’s character felt lacking in individuality. Sadie’s brother and sister-in-law, her parents, and grandparents stole the attention. 

This book is recommended to readers who are in the mood for a slow comfy romance. The beauty of ‘The Waffle House on the Pier’ lies in its simplicity. 

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