Title: ‘Darkest Night’
Author: Jenny O’ Brien
Rating: 3.5/5
Publication Date: 17 Jul 2020
Christine De Bertrand wakes up to her worst nightmare: rather than the man she went to bed with, lying beside her is her housemate, Nikki – dead. With no memory of the night before, Christine can’t explain what happened, and the police are baffled.
For DC Gaby Darin, newly arrived from Swansea after her last case ended in tragedy, it’s a mystery she’s determined to solve. When another woman goes missing, Gaby faces a race against time to uncover the link between the two victims and find the man who vanished from Christine’s bedroom. But as Gaby gets close, the killer gets closer – and soon one of Gaby’s own team is in unimaginable danger…

“Kindness personified to the dead, less so with the living.”

Jenny O' Brien does a wonderful job of making the readers feel what the characters do throughout the book. This novel is written from different perspectives and there are different tones for each character. Paul and Christine’s separation was melancholic, Gaby and Rusty’s story was full of light-hearted banter and awkwardness, Nikki’s depressive mental state. The writing contained brevity, quite literally. Parallel to Gaby, the reader feels frustrated and impatient. There are so many unanswered questions and the mystery couldn’t be solved sooner. Nikki was the most intriguing of all the characters. She stole all the attention.  Although chapters vary in length, the pacing is consistent. The romance subplots are elegantly written and all the scenarios between the couples are simply beautiful. 

“...Her and Rusty? Hell would freeze over first and, with global warming, that was never going to happen.”

The climax could be developed better. The big reveal/explanation for the crimes occurred felt vague, it required more detail. If more chapters were written in Nikki’s perspective, it would’ve added depth to the story. O' Brien conveyed her nature in some of her actions but her character felt thrown aside at the end of the book.

‘Darkest Night’ is recommended to all mystery genre readers. ARC provided by HQ Digital and NetGalley. Thank you. 


 I was engaged yet somnolent...

“Far from minding, I’m bloody ecstatic but, hurry up, the suspense is killing me.”

“She resisted the temptation to look at her watch.”

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