Title: ‘Her Second Chance Cowboy’ 
Author: Makenna Lee
Rating: 3/5
Publication Date: 20 Jul 2020

“Let time gone by point you in a direction that honors the past. 
When it’s not right the first time, retry, rebuild. 
Become the Keepers.

Reese Turner and James MacLachlan were childhood sweethearts in the old town of Cypress Creek. When fate gives them a second chance, will they take it? Or will the wounds from their past destroy their newfound love?

The best thing about this book is the descriptions. They were simply lovely. It was engaging and gave a sense of tranquility. Reese and James attempt to uncover the mystery that occurs due to a series of notes that James’ ancestor, Benjamin left for his future generations. All those scenarios were a delight. The book is written in the third person but from both perspectives. Petunia was my favorite character of all, she was the most sensible. The relationship between James’ grand-parents was blissful. Benjamin’s notes foreshadowed the events in Reese and James' relationship. The main characters are sentimental and grounded. They were reminiscent of Luke and Sophia from ‘The longest ride’ by Nicholas Sparks. ‘Her Second Chance Cowboy’ contains a high emotional quotient. There was little emphasis on background characters and it made me crave more. 

“The gurgle and splash of water made her quicken her pace, and dragonflies buzzed around her head as she squatted to dip her hand in the cool water.” 

It was hard for me to relate to Reese’s indecision regarding her career and love life, but it was realistic. The bleak portrayal of loneliness was not enjoyable. During most of the book, Reese was on this quest for Happily Ever After and it soon became passive. The story was typical, cheesy, and predictable with slow pacing. I was curious about ‘The One for Her’ and I’m also guilty of googling that book right after my read. It doesn’t exist, I hope Makenna Lee finishes that story in another one of her series. 

“Who knew a heart could be this disobedient?”

I recommend this novel to readers interested in a typical second-chance romance. A comfy melodrama. ARC provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC, and NetGalley. Thank you. #HerSecondChanceCowboy#NetGalley

During my read: 

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