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Book: 'Never Now'
Author: Scarlett Hopper
Rating: 3/5
Publication Date: 14th July, 2020

“Don’t let your anger destroy your beauty, Emilia. You have so much to give.”

‘Never Now’ is about Emilia, an artist who pines for her brother’s best friend Reeve, a professional singer. After several rejections from Reeve, Emilia decides to let him go. When Reeve realizes his mistakes and pleas for another chance, will Emilia grant it?

Emilia suffers from survivor’s guilt and other strains after her parents' death. She’s a sweet, kind, and passionate woman. Reeve is a cute, warm introvert with family issues. All the characters in this book were relatable. Emilia loses her parents and hence values her friends more. They are her family and Reeve shares that sentiment. The background characters and their stories were well-developed. Lottie and Owen were intriguing and made the reader want to know more. Cora, Emilia’s roommate, and her cat supported the casual mood of the book. 

The relationships between everyone in the gang were meaningful. The connection between Emilia and all her loving buddies was so profound. The conflict that occurred in Emilia and Reeve’s relationship due to fear of losing their friends was reasonable. The flashbacks were heart-warming and explained the actions taken by the characters in the present. The entire novel had a light, playful tone to it. Some of the comparisons made from the narrator’s point of view were hilarious. 

“He literally left me naked in bed faster than the Flash on a mission.”

Reeve’s character was incomplete and he felt flat. The reader doesn’t know much about Reeve and his explanations for his faults were desolate. There was a ton of foreshadowing, though it worked at times, it felt forced occasionally. There wasn’t much detail on the surroundings other than the names of the locations. The author did not offer specific detail regarding the settings, it could be Emilia’s apartment, the performance locations, Reeve’s home. That works both ways because it would offer the reader freedom to imagine whatever but also a minus for detail-freaks. 

This book is recommended to all new adult romance genre readers. 'Never Now' was an emotional read. It conveys how important it is to live in the now and learn to appreciate the bittersweet occurrences in life. ARC provided by NetGalley. Thank you. 

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