Book: The Forget-Me-Not Bakery
Author: Caroline Flynn
Rating: 3/5
Publication Date: 15 Jul 2020

"Right then she felt free. Real true freedom. And it occurred to her maybe there was a part of her that had been held captive during her time among the hustle and bustle. This, right here wasn't just existing. This was living. "

‘The Forget-Me-Not Bakery’ is the story about Paige Henley who leaves her uptown life in New York to manage a bakery in the lakeside town, Port Landon. Cohen Beckett is a single father who remains heartbroken over his wife eight years past her death. He is an affectionate and overprotective father to his exuberant, smart son, Bryce. Paige finds solace in the homely little town with residents full of big hearts. Cohen and Paige meet and sparks fly. But will their love last?

The push and pull between the lovebirds worked well. They had good communication and were open to each other. They slowly but surely fall in love. They both choose to express themselves in actions rather than words unlike Paige’s boss, Alex. The best part about this book is the descriptions throughout the book. The social atmosphere and sightseeing views were easy to imagine. Some of the instances felt as though the reader was part of the journey that the characters were going through. 

Chapters are written in Cohen’s and Paige’s points of view although in the third person. Most of the scenarios were extremely emotional. The second half of the book picked up in pace and solemnity. While the story was engaging, it was hard to empathize with the characters and the gossipy chatters' atmosphere of Port Landon. There were not many details regarding the background characters, enough significance for their stories. Details on character flaws would make the book more real and authentic.

'The forget-me-not Bakery' has fluffy cupcakes with angst toppings. This book is recommended for people who are in for a lazy, sweet romance. ‘The Forget-Me-Not Bakery’ would leave readers as satisfied as they would be after having countless deserts preceding a good Italian meal. ARC provided by NetGalley and HQ digital publishers. Thank you.

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