INDEBTED (King Crime Family #1) by JL Beck & C. Hallman Release Date: September 11th   Add to Goodreads:
  Blurb: It was a debt to be settled, a price to be repaid. Sold. My body, mind and soul, are given to the most terrifying man I’ve ever met. Enzo King. Violent, commanding, gorgeous, and sinister. He’s a killer, a thief, and feared by many. He has the ability to pin me to the ground with one single look and make me feel things I don’t want to. Feeding off my fears, he holds me captive in his mansion away from the rest of the world. I know what’s to come. He’ll break me. Take from me. Own me. Soon enough my life will no longer be my own, but his. Every part of my body, every breath I take, and every beat of my heart will belong to him. He’s determined to settle the debt by taking everything from me, what he doesn’t know is that he’ll never have my soul, or my love.     About JL Beck: J.L. Beck loves good books, wine, and coffee. She’s a lover of words and when she isn’t writing you can find her working on her newest book baby. She started her publishing journey back in 2014 and hasn’t stopped writing since. Living in Wisconsin with her husband, two kiddos, and dogs she wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, maybe… Connect with JL Beck: Facebook: Instagram: Amazon: Bookbub: Goodreads: Bleeding Heart Book Club Group: Beck and Hallman Facebook Page: Subscribe to Beck & Hallman’s Newsletter:   About C. Hallman: Born and raised in Germany, C. Hallman moved to the United States when she was eighteen. She’s now a stay-at-home-mom to three boys, and happily married to her husband of 13 years. With a love for reading, that love slowly transpired into writing she put fingers to the keyboard and started writing about the dark side of romance. Connect with C. Hallman: Facebook: Instagram: Bookbub: Twitter: Goodreads: Amazon: Bleeding Heart Book Club Group: Beck and Hallman Facebook Page:   Subscribe to Beck & Hallman’s Newsletter:  


“For a tiny moment, I feel like I can read him, as if he is dark and damaged for a reason. It makes me want to dig my nails into him and crawl into the dark places of his mind and expose what he truly is.”

That is my favorite quote. I enjoyed this novel much more than I thought I would. 

Amara is a first-year college student at Northwoods University. Her father owes Lorenzo King money. Amara and Lorenzo work out a deal and they begin to get to know each other. Although their tragic pasts haunt them, they find solace in one another. In the midst of all this, suspicions seem to arise that there is a spy in the mob Lorenzo runs. Can Lorenzo learn to trust Amara before its too late?

The strength of this novel lies in its characters. I loved Amara throughout the book. She was defiant, powerful, and selfless. She wasn’t afraid to push Lorenzo’s buttons and always spoke her mind. Sequences between the primary characters, specifically when she was cornered were just excellently written.

“Enzo has been a douche nugget of all kinds of sorts, but I don’t want him to fucking die.”

 I liked Lorenzo as well. He was extremely volatile, thrilling, and that made him all the more intriguing. The only thing that didn’t mesh well with his character is that he didn’t seem as smart as some of the other protagonists I’ve read in this genre. It is important to remember that while someone’s past might explain their actions in the present, it doesn’t excuse them. Fast-paced like most of J.L Beck/Cassy Hallman’s other novels. 

“Do you fucking feel that? It’s like your soul is soaring while your body takes flight. Your chest fills with air while your mind is going a million miles an hour, but all you can focus on is the one thing that completes you-that’s what being with you is like.” 

The plot got darker, edgier as it progressed and ended with a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read the second part of this duet.

‘Indebted’ is like devouring a Lindor chocolate, it explodes in you and is over before you know it. Do experience it if you love dark romances. ARC provided by Candi Kane and J.L Beck/Cassy Hallman. Thank you. 


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