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in , by Komal, August 12, 2020

  It was Komal's birthday on 29th of July and the day was filled with glee. But it also turned out to be quite the serendipitous event because we discovered this young author who'd got her debut novel published on 27th June 2020. We feel excited to have Adya on our blog today to answer some of our questions.

About The Author

Adya Red is a 16 year old humanities student studying in Delhi Public School, Bangalore East. She is intrigued by people, especially behavior and emotions and lets thoughts and imagination flow into her stories. She divides her time between writing, sports, art, and who can forget school. She loves listening to music and spending time with her friends and family. 

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Q) What's your favorite genre and why?

AdyaHonestly, I can’t pick between fiction and fantasy. Fictional stories are events that can happen in day to day life Overall, it can be something a reader relates to. Events in a fantasy book lie outside the realm of possibility of it occurring in the real world. Books like these are fuelled with creativity and imagination, making the story remarkable and unforgettable.

Q) A fictional character you fell in love with

AdyaI really like Hermione Granger from the “Harry Potter” series. She’s intelligent, loyal, kind, and brave.

Q) A book you want everybody to read

Adya“Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne is a must-read.

Q) Paper-backs or e-copies

AdyaE-copies; they’re available on any portable device and hence are easier to access and carry than paperback books.

Q) Series or standalone

AdyaIt depends on the plot the writer creates. If it’s a plot that can be continued even after the first book, then it should be continued to engage a bigger audience.

Q) Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

AdyaI used to do that a few years ago, but I realized that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, rather by its content.

Q) Characters or plot

AdyaCharacters; without them, there wouldn’t even be a plot, let alone a story to read.

Critical Take

Q) How does it feel to be a debut author?

AdyaWhen I got news from the publishing company that my book was going to be published, I felt like I was on top of the world. Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember and this, I felt, was going to be the beginning of a journey I always wanted to embark on. The time I dedicated as well as the heart and soul I put into shaping the characters had paid off and I am happy about the way it turned out.

Q) What are some lessons you've learned during this entire process? (idea to a novel to publishing it)

AdyaPatience. It’s one of the keys to writing a story. You can’t rush things that need to be viewed with the utmost care otherwise you forget to watch out for the little details. Another important thing to take care of is vocabulary: a good writer doesn’t take notice of how many pages are there in the book. It’s what contains in those pages that matter.  

Q) How did you balance the demands of writing with other responsibilities?

AdyaI began writing during summer vacation after 10th grade. Luckily, I didn’t have that many responsibilities like homework or studying as I did when attending school. I did have chores to do during holidays, most of which took a considerable amount of time every day. I worked on the book after I finished with my chores. The writing process took about four months.

Q) What made you decide to write 'A Million and One Ways'?

AdyaI came up with the plot and the characters of “A Million and One Ways” in a matter of two days. It was easy coming up with the idea of having the main characters as teenagers living a typical teenage life. The truth is, every teenager is different. I couldn’t just assume they all go through the same problems in their life. Being a teenager myself, I know each one of us is unique, which is why each character in my story is different in their own way. Teenagers go through many struggles in day-to-day life, and I wanted to portray some of the struggles they face in my book. I felt that young adults could relate to a character to some level.

Q) Describe your protagonist. Tell us a little about what makes them tick?

AdyaSerena Johnson is a fifteen-year-old girl who feels like she has no place in this world. She is diagnosed with a medical condition due to which people see and treat her differently due to which she feels like a pariah. She covets a normal life of a teenager: going to school, hanging out with friends and living life as it is. She meets five other kids her age, and she realizes that everyone faces struggles. She’s willing to help them because she doesn’t want to see them hurt like she already is, and this leads to a beautiful friendship between her and her newfound friends.

Q) What scene or chapter in this novel is your favorite? Why? (no spoilers) 

AdyaMy favourite part in the book is when the protagonist’s friends find out about her medical condition that she decided to keep a secret when she met them. I like it because they accepted her for who she is and this shows how friendship works: you accept people for who they are and there wouldn’t be a thing you would change about them because they’re still the same special person you met on the inside.

Q) Lastly, a message to your readers

Adya: Everyone has a story. We don’t know what contains in the chapters: something heart-breaking, something scary or surprising, something happy. We don’t know unless we know their story. We are all different and the best thing to do is to be kind. This is the right thing to do.

Thank you for your questions. I enjoyed my first interview.

Adya Red

Thank you so much to Adya for answering our questions. Purchase links below. 

About The Book

Title: A Million and One Ways

Author: Adya Red

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: 27 June 2020


I want Earth to look me in the eye and tell me, 'You belong here'.

It hurts being seen and treated differently, but in this world, everyone is different. So when Serena meets five other teenagers her age, she realizes the truth: everyone has a hidden broken side.

It's not every day you meet new people. Ones you can call your friends.

So how far are they willing to go to understand the true meaning of friendship?

Trust. Hope. Faith. Change. Promises.

You just have to wait for the best to happen.

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