'Never Say No' by Elizabeth Neep

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Title: Never Say No
Author: Elizabeth Neep
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication date: 04 Sept 2020


It’s always been yes. Yes, I’ll be your friend. Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend. Yes, I’ll move in with you. Yes, yes, yes. I can’t just change my mind now. Can I?

Hailey has always been told she can have it all. And saying yes to every opportunity that comes her way seems like the obvious way to make sure she gets it.

When she finds an engagement ring hidden in her boyfriend Dom’s closet, she knows she’ll say yes.

Her best friend Sophie suggests they run a marathon together and although Hailey hasn’t done more than sprint for a bus in years, she says yes.

And every time her new boss, the infamous Vivian Jones, asks her to stay late (again) at her dream job, the answer is always yes.

But somewhere between saying ‘yes’ to Vivian’s latest demands and still trying to make it home on time for boxsets and burritos on the sofa with Dom, Hailey has lost sight of what she really wanted in the first place.

Far from winning at life, Hailey feels like she is fighting to juggle two very different worlds. When those worlds finally collide, could having it all actually mean losing everything?

Fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Holly Bourne and The Devil Wears Prada will adore this funny, heart-felt and honest look at navigating those moments in life where you reach a crossroads and have to decide who and what it is you want to be.


Hailey Kidd was a relatable character. She was an excellent protagonist because the uncertainties that go through her head were interesting to read. Her fear of not being good enough spoke to me.

‘It’s everything,’ I said, sounding dramatic. ‘I just feel so worried about so many things’. Like, am I being a good enough girlfriend, a good enough friend, a good enough trainee, a good enough grown-up, just good enough.’ - Hailey to Dom 

Vivian, senior partner at the law firm was so dominating and she had a great presence. I loved Hailey and Vivian’s relationship and how Vivian’s life reflected Hailey’s. Most of this novel is written in the first person in Hailey’s perspective. The magazine format that popped up between chapters worked well. I can’t comment on any of the details regarding the law because I don’t know anything about it. Of course, other than Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in Suits. 

Vivian stole the show, all the other characters lacked depth. Liam, the senior associate, and Hailey’s sponsor calls her kid or kiddo. Her last name could be Kid, not Kidd so that the reader will have the freedom to ponder whether he means her last name or he’s just teasing her.

 The unpredictability factor suited only some parts of the book. Up until 75 percent, the entire novel is flowy but some twists turn the storyline into a different direction and it truly changes the soul of this book. It caused unevenness because some loose ends don’t get tied up.

 There must be more detail on Dom because he’s just a good old boyfriend. The reader does not know his strengths and weaknesses, his grey areas. 

“Maybe monogamy didn’t limit you to one person but a thousand different versions of them; everything they are and the promise of all they yet to be all wrapped up in one.”-Hailey

Although it is a profound, beautiful concept it wasn’t believable because the reader does not get to see thousands of different versions of that person and therefore does not root for them. 

‘Never Say No’ is about two women who get lost in their hedonistic quest and how they find their way back. This novel is recommended to all readers who are in the mood for an engaging read. ARC provided by Bookouture and NetGalley. I’m interested in reading some of Elizabeth Neep’s other novels. Thank you. #NeverSayNo#NetGalley.



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