A blog. It was a thought put forth by my parents when I complained to them about the lack of facilities in board exams and India’s education system(which somehow coincidentally reformed on my birthday).
They asked me to write a blog regarding social issues and truth be told, I didn’t know much about it, almost anything. 

This thought had been reinforced by two of my closest friends when we decided that our blog would be a forum for our artistic projects including, but not limited to music, dance, art, literature, and fashion.

Two months later, before Pavani informed me she’s going to be posting reviews, I discovered NetGalley and it was love at first sight. I began posting reviews well. The idea of reviewing books changed everything. Soon, the bookish part of the blog became our primary niche. Holding our breaths, we made our blog public in mid-June.

Last night, I received an email from the founder of Feedspot, Anuj that In A Book Shell had been listed as one of the top Indian book review blogs. We feel honored to have our blog listed amongst some of our inspirations; Bookgeeks, ecstatic yet chaotic, and more. We are grateful that our efforts are recognized. We never thought that we could go from reading books under school desks for fun to becoming one of the best book review blogs in India. 

Thank you to those of you who’ve stayed. Thank you, Feedspot. 

If you’d like to submit your blog or check out other book blogs, here’s the link:
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